Lucrative Bookings  

Connect with Decision Makers & Negotiate in High Paid Speaking Engagements! 

A small group, 3 month, virtual intensive Starting July 12th, 2018 

Limited to only 20 speakers

Dear Speakers,

I have 2 questions for you:

 If you are an emerging speaker, are you ready to turn your passion for speaking into a profession?  

If you are a professional speaker, are you excited to get on more stages and increase your pay / booking?  

If so, then I would be delighted to show you how!  

The truth is that our industry is over saturated with fabulous speakers like you with amazing messages. It is becoming harder and harder to get seen, make your mark and command higher pay (or any pay at all).

Many speakers are feeling stuck trying to figure out how to increase their bookings and make the impact they are driven to make while getting paid beautifully for it.

A trend happening that has reduced the number of paid gigs is the whole 'speak to sell' model which says you speak with no fee but instead have the opportunity to sell your products and services. Some speakers are rocking it out but the majority are baffled on how to monetize from it.

If you are challenged with making money from selling from the stage and have good credentials, getting the high paid, lucrative bookings will be a much easier route for you once understand the process and how to cut through the crowd.

If you are a rock star at selling from the stage, while this intensive is for paid bookings, you can still use the same process. Why not learn how to get more of those types of bookings?

And if you are still in the beginning stages of your career and determined to grow your speaking platform, understanding the process to get booked will empower you to achieve your goals significantly faster.

If you are ready to take your message and knowledge to more stages (and even bigger ones) as well as increase your bottom line, I would love to invite you to our 3 month intensive "Lucrative Bookings" where you will learn how to connect with decision makers and negotiate in higher pay (or more exposure and perks if you are a speak to sell speaker).

Learning the steps to rise above the noise and get booked will propel your career, visibility, reach, profits and bookings substantially.  

In this intensive you will create a customized 90 day action plan to get booked!  

Nothing cookie cutter about this program!  

You will walk away with:

  • 16 strategies to generate targeted leads
  • 7 ways to gain direct access to decision maker's contact information
  • The exact template to write emails that grab attention and convert
  • A step by step template to engage them on the phone and keep them talking to you
  • How to leverage one gig into several bookings + coaching and training packages
  • 4 ways meeting planners typically respond and how to follow up
  • A crafted marketing message to engage your ideal market
  • How to define your positioning so you stand out amongst the crowd
  • What questions you need to ask during your needs analysis
  •  The keys to negotiate in higher pay and perks

“One speaking gig would easily pay for this. My question was 'How can I do this easily? They seem to be so far and in between.' Now I know how to reach out to people, where to go to find them, how to research for them, how to reach out to them. All the templates where provided. I could just fill them out. Now I have an entire plan on how to get the next several gigs without having to wait for them to come in. This was fantastic Cindy. Thank you!" 

~Barb Stuhlemmer, Master Business Strategist

We have included instant access to these invaluable bonuses:

Bonus One: Standard Speaking Contract Template Why hire a lawyer & spend thousands when this contract has already been created for you?  

Bonus Two: Three Months Access to our Private Facebook Group You will have access to our private Facebook group for ongoing and unlimited Q&A, feedback requests and networking. In addition to getting ongoing strategy to get bookings, you may also use this membership to ask questions about speech writing, presentation skills, how to convert from the stage and much more.  

Bonus Three: Marketing Message Template & Audio An easy to follow, fill in the blanks template to guide you to pulling out your strongest message so you can position yourself to stand out and get noticed by decision makers.  

Bonus Four: Audio - How to Create a Speaking Website Our expert guest will show you how to layout and maximize your website to speak directly to meeting planners as well as all the components you need to have to stand out from the crowd.  

Bonus Five: Audio - Maximize Your Visibility on LinkedIn to Get Booked Our expert guest will give you golden strategies on how you can maximize your LinkedIn profile to speak directly to decision makers as well as do key searches for bookings.  

Bonus Six: Leverage Your Speaking Engagements Audio There are very specific ways you can take one speaking gig and transform it in to more bookings, coaching and high end packages. This audio will give you the keys.  

You would benefit from the Lucrative Bookings Intensive if you are one or more of the following:

  • You have years of experience and/or credentials and ready to leverage it for higher pay.
  • You are in your first year or two of your speaking career, dedicated to getting to the high pay level and looking for the path to get the bookings you need to elevate.
  • You have 'paid your dues' in your industry and need help positioning yourself to your market.
  • You are already getting paid bookings and longing to increase your volume and pay grade.
  • You are challenged with making money from the 'speak to sell' model.
  • You are getting random bookings here and there and now want a clear, easily repeatable and sustainable system to grow your speaking business.  

"I have just completed Cindy Ashton’s Lucrative Bookings. Before taking this course I knew I needed to reach out and get speaking gigs but it felt so big. It didn’t know where to start. This course has outlined a complete map of what I need to do step by step. She has made it easy and de-mystified the whole process. I actually want to go out and contact people, which is not like me. It is worth every penny. I would have paid double and still felt like I got tremendous value. If you are thinking of doing this course, do it!” 

~Dana Pharant, Life Strategist

Your investment & what your 3 month intensive includes:

  • One Day Virtual Intensive on July 26th, 2018 via video conference line, recorded. 
  • Four, 90-minute video conference calls, recorded. July 12, August 16, September 6th at 10 am PST / 1 pm EST. If you can't make it, submit your questions in advance & then listen to the replay.
  • Template Library. Includes email and phone script + strategy map + audios.
  • Bonus One: Standard Speaking Contract Template. 
  • Bonus Two: Three Months Access to our Private Facebook Group for ongoing coaching
  • Bonus Three: Marketing Message Template & Audio.
  • Bonus Four: Audio - Maximizing Your Website for Meeting Planners
  • Bonus Five: Audio - Get Visible on LinkedIn.
  • Bonus Six: Leverage Your Speaking Engagements Audio.  

Register before June 15th to receive a 20 minute power session with Cindy

Need help deciding if this is the right course for you? Book a complimentary consultation with our amazing team member, Suzanne, by clicking here

Refund Policy: We invite you to register now and join me at no risk. Complete the first half of the one day intensive and if you do not see the value to your career, I’ll refund your entire purchase price minus $50 administrative costs.

"This course is awesome, thought-provoking, and value-filled. It completely blew my mind. I can’t believe the value that I got out of this. I would have paid 10X. I learned how to get more bookings, how to do our marketing message, and how to reach the decision makers and speak to them more effectively. I know that I am going to step it up a level, and not only in my fees. I am going to get more and more bookings! Thank you, Cindy. Absolutely amazing.

~Lauren Pibworth, Pibworth Professional Solutions

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