Get Your Speaker Reel Filmed & Produced To Book More Gigs!

Filming Days in Multiple Cities. Limited to only 6 speakers per city.

Produced by Speaker Stardom Booking Agency We know what meeting planners are looking for!

Dear Fabulous Speaker,

You have a dream – to share your story, expertise and message with the world... and of course get paid for it.

To land the more lucrative speaking engagements, meeting planners need to see you speak. If you don't do a great job, it reflects on them, hurts their reputation and the ability to fill seats at their next event which is why you need a really great reel that shows you off and gives them confidence. 

I am Cindy Ashton, CEO of Speaker Stardom. Over my 22 years in the speaking industry, the biggest challenges I have seen in getting a great speaker reel is everything from bad lighting to speakers having no way to professionally film their talks. 

The world needs your voice more than ever which is why we created this opportunity for you. 

Let's Get You A Speaker Reel That Sells!

In our booking agency, we talk with hundreds of meeting planners a week. We KNOW what they are looking for and what sells.  

We see people waste $3000-5000 to put a reel together and it doesn't fly - it is usually the structure, content, performance and other issues.  

Let us show you WHAT content to include that sells and coach you on the performance and stage craft to ensure you sizzle on stage! 

Here is everything included in your package...

Talk Development

We will meet on video conference for 60 minutes to develop your 20 minute talk. We will create and elevate your content to ensure it has the right structure, message, stories and flow for your target market.

Identifying Your Wow

In preparation of producing the reel, you will given a checklist of items to give our editor so she can add them into your reel and make it sizzle!

Stage Craft Coaching

We will meet in person the day before the shoot, where one of our professional trainers will coach you on your stage craft for 60 minutes to ensure that you work the stage with power, grace and your best.

A Fully Produced Speaker Reel 

Within 4 weeks of the film shoot, you will receive your fully edited 3-4 minute speaker reel that includes the best moments of your talk, titles, images, a call to action and more.

Filming of Your Talk

You will take the stage to deliver your 20 minute talk. 2 camera shoot, great lighting, professional stage. Bring your friends to watch for free, be part of the experience and cheer you on.

Your 20 Minute Talk

Quite often, a meeting planner will ask to see a full talk. Within 4 weeks of filming, you will receive the uncut footage of 20 minute talk to showcase to potential clients, your fans and meeting planners.

You may be thinking... "I only need the reel. I have been speaking for years and have already worked with a speaking coach."

We take a different approach. Let me tell you about a few of my credentials and how we can bring your speaking to a whole new level...

  • By 19 years old, I was already working with Broadway peeps and since then have spoken & performed on thousands of stages, including with Emmy winners and currently have an award-winning TV show, Cindy Uncorked. I have worked with the best in the world and can give you advanced level training and elevate you from good to captivating. And if I am not available, one of our other speaker trainers you will work with has a rich performing background as well. 
  • As the CEO of a booking agency, I know what meeting planners are looking for in terms of both content and performance. 
  • I have awards from both President Obama and the Queen of England for my humantarian work. Whether you work with me directly or one of our other speaker trainers, we all have big hearts and will give you everything we can.
  • I recently won a Telly Award for my TV show, Cindy Uncored. CBS Interactive and CBS News won in the same category. I know what it takes to produce great content and will ensure that our editor does a great job for you. 

How It Works: 

  • Once you register, we will schedule a convenient time with me or your speaker trainer to do your 60 minute video conference call to elevate your talk to the next level. After our call, we will send you the revisions. You will have the opportunity to email us 2 more times for other feedback and edits. 
  • We will connect you with our editor, Carole, who will be producing your reel, within a week of registrating. She will give you a list of what those 'wow' items are that she needs so you can get them to her.
  • The day before the film shoot, you will meet your speaker trainer in person at the venue for your 60 minute stage craft coaching session
  • Your film shoot will be from 7:00 pm to 10:00 pm where you will take the stage for 20 minutes, along the other 5 speakers. We will have an eventbrite set up for you to invite your friends to come and watch at no cost. As an added bonus, it is great promotion for you!
  • Over the 4 weeks after the filming, Carole will be working with you to produce the speaker reel and get you the uncut version of the 20 minute talk. You will have the opportunity to ask for up to 1 revision. 

Investment In Your Speaking Career: 

$4000 US

The majority of speaker reels cost $3000-5000 and only include the editing of your existing videos. Our package also includes all the coaching to ensure that you have a speaker reel that sells. 

We are able to keep the cost lower because you are sharing the production costs with 6 other people. 

No refunds. We only have 6 spots open and incur significant costs to produce the reel.


  • No refunds. We only have 6 spots open and incur significant costs to produce the reel.
  • You will receive one-hour of stage coaching and one-hour of speech development from an industry expert. The best results occur when the speaker is well rehearsed prior to coaching, and up to the event from receiving coaching. The final results are directly effected by your efforts and ability to present while on camera. 
  • While Speaker Stardom will be promoting the event, each speaker is responsible for helping promote the event as well. 

Limited to only 6 Speakers

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